At Savio every jewellery piece undergoes a ‘Ready to wear’ process under which the jewellery piece at various stages is checked on neck, ear, hand….etc to check its wearablity.
Savio jewellery uses only high quality precious color stones and diamonds which requires high skilled workers to set them in the jewellery piece Very strict quality check measures are adoped in manufacturing to create unique jewellery pieces.
At savio jewellery every worker undergoes training process of one month before joining the company,where the worker is trained about the manufacturing standards and finishing
Savio jewellery strongly believes in “technical upgradation”,it has always focused on updating its technology with the time.machines like automated wax injectors , electro-magnetic ultrasonic,0.25 micron wiper camming,3-d max and rhino softwares for designing, etc have made them far ahead of old techniques used by other jewelers.
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