Savio Jewellery parent company headed by shri Narendra kumar Ji sand and shri Rajendra kumar sand is a leading dealer in precious colored gemstones from part 50 years the rich legacy is then followed by the successors and extended to exclusive designer diamond jewellery.
The Journey of Savio jewellery started with youngster duo Ashish & Abhishek sand. Both had grown up seeing the in house lapidary of precious colored stones manufacturing which had made them  highly fascinated about jewellery since childhood .They had their aim set to know the complete jewellery manufacturing process by hand and then to extend the business.
Today their knowledge proudly backs up color stone manufacturing, jewellery designing ,diamond assortment and jewellery manufacturing knowladge ,both had sat with workers and learnt the procedure to the depth and knows every process by hand
They have been awarded in all the leading jewellery shows.. the young designers have become tough competitors for all the established designer houses. They have been as a jury at several design competitions and have also written articles on jewellery for magazines. The youngster duo travels America , hong kong ,china ,bangkong ,dubai ,malasia ,Singapore to get trend and technologically updated.
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