brand savio
Savio means ‘shine’. As the name indicates savio is shining bright in the sky of jewellery. Savio has always kept innovation its first priority and with a vision to create something different from the rest laid the foundation of the company. Savio believes in  a very high design line, finishing and prompt services which has helped in building a luxury designer diamond and color stone jewellery brand.
Savio is the only company in the world to win 5 awards in 5 month in 3 award functions. It is the only brand to have the concept of “Complete brand under one roof” comprising of designing, manufacturing and showroom at same place. This helps the customer to buy from the origin.
Savio jewellery is a result of an excessive passion for jewellery making by the youngster duo ashish and abhishek sand. both have an extraordinary love towards jewellery making and that clearly shows in the jewellery they make.
The unique thing about the brand is that the youngster duo themselves are involved in designing , manufacturing and selling which helps them in understanding the customers needs and wants and to manufacture accordingly.
Savio focuses a lot of attention in customer follow up.They have created a strong data record system through which they inform the customers about their upcoming shows and the collections ..Savio jewellery has adopted a very modern means of advertizing that is facebook .It has enabled them to reach people at large and inform them about their upcoming events and collections. It has also served as an online buying medium for the viewers as they can ask for price as well of the product which is duly responded
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